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Why You Should Get Rid of Cable TV.

When it comes to cable or satellite connection, around 5 million Americans stopped using it last year. It is also predicted that by the year 2021, the number of Americans not using pay TV will rise to 80 million. This has been brought by people preferring streaming services compared to the cable services.

There are many reason why people are preferring streaming compared to pay TV, one of the reason is the high cost for pay TV. The cable connection pay TV requires one to pay close to $100, this is a rip-off for most people putting in mind they only watch a view stations out of the many the pay TV offers.

Another reason people are preferring to get rid of the cable, is the many TV commercials that air on cable connections. Close to 16 minutes per hour are spend on airing commercials in these connections. They only people who can escape watching these many commercials are people with DVR. If you are streaming you do not have to watch these commercials, hence you end up saving on time.

People are opting to move from the traditional pay tv services, due to the many alternatives available. Some of these alternatives include amazon prime video, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube which allows views to watch free videos and they can also be able to record them and watch them later.

As much as cutting the cord has many benefits, it is not the right choice for everyone though. Unlike cable TV, with streaming videos are not shown on the same day they air. There are usually delays with streaming and one must wait for some days so that you can view those episodes.
Sports fans are likely to experience challenges with streaming, in most cases where they support a team which is not in their market. You do not have to worry about such problems, if you have digital TV with an antennae. Streaming packages are also available with some sports leagues.

If you unreliable internet, getting rid of the cable TV should be the last choice. It can be disappointing to try and watch a TV show when the internet is slow, since it will keep buffering. If you are having a 4k streaming, the minimum Mbps you can have is 25, for HD videos one is required to have at least 5 Mbps. The more devices one has in their house hold, the more internet connection they will consume.

Well, if you have a TV which is smart, a WIFI which is reliable and you want to save money, you should consider getting rid of the cable TV. Many platforms that one can use for streaming have shows and movies that are exclusive. It is cheaper to subscribe to several streaming services at once as compared to paying for cable TV. Getting rid of the cable TV has long term financial benefits.