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Why You Should Let Your Kid Watch TV

There are so many people who hold the notion that children should not be watching the television. According to studies, however, this is a good thing for the kids. People who get positive reinforcement when watching the television will reduce the desire to overdo it. Even so, the parents and guardians have to do some work in this process because it does not just happen out of the blues. When it comes to imparting knowledge and skills to children, it is not something that is clear-cut. Children who watch the television frequently have been noted to have a better level of comprehension. In matters to do with watching television programs with the children, it is worth noting that they get to learn through the questions they will be posing to you from time to time. This interaction also fosters the feeling of care and attention. The details they get from your answers and the program will increase their understanding. There is diversity in the television programs broadcasted. Apart from the knowledge the children will get about the various regions around the world, they are also exposed to the cultural practices in different places. There are smart TV options that allow you to choose different programs for your children to watch so that they can learn the message you want to pass across. Nowadays, you are no longer tied to a particular package but rather you can pay for the individual shows. You will have an array of similar shows as well through the streaming services because they make suggestions for you too.

Some people will say that the children do not get to interact when they are watching TV programs. As a parent, you need to ask your children questions from the show and even keep them engaged. Apart from the entertainment, children get to learn about the narrative detail, the story structure and also the things that motivate the characters. Before proceeding to the next episode, you may ask your children to explain the events they think are likely to follow. If they end up being correct, you ought to reward them for that. Besides fostering a sense of inquisitiveness, the kids also get to know how influential the media is.

When you are having a hard time getting your kids to do anything, you can use the television time as a leverage. Rewards motivate people to do better and that is why you can never ignore them. This does not mean you have to let the kids watch TV all day long because there will be consequences. Remember to do everything in moderation. If you are yet to get a television for the kids, you have to do so as soon as possible. You can get ideas of the TV programs that will be beneficial to your kids here.