Which Is the Best 4K Smart TV Under Rs. 30,000 in India Right Now?

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X price in India is very close to Vu Cinema TV price in India. In this week’s episode of Orbital, we look at the budget TV space and what’s been going on there. We begin this episode by talking about Mi TV 4X price in India and how it has changed what you should expect from budget TVs. Then we mention Vu Cinema TV price in India and how Vu has gone ahead and raised the bar for budget TVs. We look at the different features of both TVs and tell you whether you are getting your money’s worth or if there’s more that you could get at this price.

Then we talk about software. Both TVs run Android TV but do software customisations ruin the experience or slow down the TV? We answer that question. Next we talk about Mi TV 4X picture quality and Vu Cinema TV picture quality. Here we can talk about the differences between the display quality and feature set in the two TVs, and what you should expect if you buy either of these. Then we talk about sound quality of the Mi TV 4X and Vu Cinema TV, and which one is better. This is where we also bring in the remotes on both TVs and which one is better.

Finally we talk about TV screen size and whether you should buy the smaller but more affordable screen sizes of the Vu Cinema TV and the Mi TV 4X, or spend a bit more and go for the larger sizes. By the end of this episode, you’ll be able to pick the best budget TV in India.

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