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There is a high demand for recreational ice facilities from consumers The pressure is on the makers of ice rink refrigeration systems to provide high quality equipment.

To ensure strict compliance to quality standards, measures are in place that enforce adherence. Customers expect nothing short of sterling quality on the products they purchase.

The underlying function of refrigeration is about removing heat and creation of cold conditions. Companies planning on entering the segment must possess basic knowledge of how heat is moved.

In simple terms heat will always move from areas where there is more warmth to ones with less. Refrigeration procedures take the forms of indirect and direct methods.

A liquid refrigerant is used in the case of indirect process of refrigeration. It functions by absorbing heat from a secondary fluid which subsequently removes heat from a sports arena

Direct refrigeration functions by pushing the primary refrigerant to the pipes that are laid on the rink floor. Rink contractors have not embraced for this method of refrigeration for various reasons.

Since the refrigeration specialists will want a situation where they will be able to regulate the harmful coolers, the indirect method fits the bill. Some of these toxic substances include ammonia and R-22.

The danger is that the refrigerants are able to move to the entire sports dome. There is a higher chance that the harmful elements will leak out. It will not be possible to tell of a leak from Freon as it has no odor.

Due to its repulsive odor, ammonia is easy to detect if there is a leakage. Glycol and a saltwater solution are the secondary fluids used in indirect refrigeration systems. The solution possesses superior heat transfer characteristics.

The efficiency of an ice rink refrigeration system is determined by the quality of work that has occurred under the sporting floor. To determine the exact temperatures of the surface, an infrared camera is used.

The ice rink refrigeration plant receives the appropriate instructions from a computer monitoring system on how to behave in the event of temperature changes. Computers have the ability to get important information from several sensors located in the rink.

The ice conditions can be programmed to meet the specific activities taking place at the arena by use of computers. As a result of the programmed schedules, a lot of savings is realized on power consumption.

Without a doubt having a proper ice rink refrigeration infrastructure is a very skilled procedure. Seeking the services of qualified rink refrigeration firms that possess the requisite expertise is the only way you can be assured of a professional outcome.

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