6 Smart Tips to Improve Your Reseller Hosting Business

In recent years, with a surge in the number of websites being launched, the demand for good web hosting plans has been on the rise. While there are several hosting companies that have invested in a costly state-of-the-art infrastructure required for web hosting, it is the hosting reseller that has the best opportunity to make handsome profits. As a reseller, there is no investment in the infrastructure or the requirement of being technically qualified to manage a web server. All a reseller needs to do is choose the right plan from the wide range of Web Hosting Reseller Plans, create customized packages keeping the requirements of his target clients in mind, and sell the packages. If you are already in the hosting reseller business, then this article will offer 6 smart tips to help you improve your business.

1. Understand the problems faced by your target clients

The biggest benefit that hosting resellers have over hosting companies is that they can afford to target a specific segment of the market, understand their hosting-related concerns, and create packages that cater to their needs. As a reseller, once you have identified the problem, reach out to your clients via blogs or social media platforms and tell them how you plan to help them tackle these problems. Share knowledge and ensure that your clients feel that you value them.

2. Website backups are your best friends

While the parent hosting company ensures that it monitors and manages the web server, there is always a possibility of a security threat corrupting the data. For your clients, you are the web host. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that under any circumstance, your clients do not suffer. Despite the latest security tools measures and tools deployed by the hosting company, there is always a possibility of a virus or hacker attack. Hence, all your clients must have local backups of their site data at all times. You must encourage your clients to take regular local backups of their data so that in case of any disaster, their data remains safe.

3. Educate your clients about resource optimization of their website

Since you are selling the hosting resources, the more your clients buy, the better your profits, right? But, if you were to tell your clients that they could adopt certain measures like image optimization, minification of code, etc. to optimally utilize the resources available to them, then you will be able to help them offer better-performing sites without spending more money. This has a dual benefit – one, your clients are happy since their site is performing well, and two, you earn their trust of being a service provider who cares about them.

4. Customer support is important

A hosting reseller has the advantage of having to support fewer clients as compared to a hosting company. Therefore, focus on customer support and ensure that your clients feel valued at all times.

5. Advertise your services

Marketing your Hosting Reseller brand is important for two reasons – one, getting new clients (obviously), and two, retaining existing clients by making them feel good about being associated with a brand that people respect. Highlight your strengths and be honest about what you offer.

6. Initiate a Referral Program

One of the best ways to establish a profitable reseller business is by using your existing clients as referrals for new clients. Start a referral program where your existing clients can refer their family and friends to use your services. Offer some interesting rewards that make them feel good about referring your brand.

Summing Up

These are six smart ways of improving your Reseller Hosting business. We hope that you benefit from them and take your business to newer heights. Do let us know the strategies that you use to run your hosting reseller business in the comments section below. Good Luck!