6 Reasons For You To Move Your Website To Cloud Hosting

Tech article

Cloud computing has grown exponentially during the past decade. With each passing day, more companies are beginning to realise the benefits of cloud over traditional technologies. From using cloud-based ERP solutions to Cloud Hosting services, organisations are leaving no stone unturned in leveraging the full potential of the cloud.

As a business owner, it is imperative that you consider using the cloud for your business. However, when you are planning to host your first website or improving your existing website, you are faced with analysis paralysis with some many options at your disposal. You can opt for a free service, or you could choose Shared Hosting? Then there is always an option of anticipating your business growth and opting for more efficient Cloud Hosting services. 

While Cloud Server Hosting may seem elusive at first, it may serve your business the best at competitive pricing. However, it is crucial that you understand what cloud hosting is and what it can do for your business. Let us look at what is Cloud Hosting and how it can do wonders for your business.

Understanding Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is one of the best technologies for hosting resource-intensive websites. Since the data is stored on self-healing storage cluster and on multiple servers, you can be assured of data redundancy and higher uptime. With prompt failover migrations, the cloud is the next-gen technology for web hosting products.

In other words, a Cloud Server is flexible, responsive and mouldable to your exact needs. Cloud Hosting is ideal not just for businesses that expect a huge volume of traffic, but also for organisations that expect to grow quickly. 

Cloud Hosting allows you great scalability with immediate effects as and when required. If you opt for right plans and packages, you can get Cloud Hosting servers for competitive pricing as well. Let us look at the top 6 reasons for you to move your website to cloud hosting. 

  • High Speed 

We all know how critical server speeds are and more so when you expect high volume traffic regularly. Cloud Hosting in India truly is the answer to significantly higher speeds. This is because, with Cloud Servers, you can always adjust your resources to incoming traffic, and whenever there is a higher load, simply scale up your resources to ensure seamless uptime. Additionally, using a combination of Cloud Hosting and CDN can take the speed up your website. With guaranteed speed, Cloud Hosting is superior to Shared Hosting or even dedicated hosting. Consequently, you will have near-zero downtime or missed opportunities due to server issues.

  • Cost-Effective

Cloud Hosting can automatically scale and cater to any sudden surge in traffic making, Cloud Web Hosting India a trifle expensive compared to traditional hosting services. While Cloud Hosting may not appear cheaper at face value, when you consider the huge advantages that come with this small extra cost, you will appreciate that Cloud Hosting is, in fact, cheaper in the broader analysis.

  • Excellent Backup and Recovery

Most businesses now back up their data, and it is more a necessity than an option today. Most of the Cloud Hosting services will also back up data automatically (data mirroring), storing the backups and giving you the ability to restore the site any desired point in the past. Restoration consumes just a few minutes, and this can be critical if a major event impacts your website. Since data is stored in multiple servers, the chances of a data washout are negligible.

  • Speedy Setup

Setting up a server can be quite a task unless you are opting for the most basic shared hosting package. On the contrary, setting up a Cloud Hosting Server is extremely easy and will take almost no time. The speedy setup time ensures that your website is up and running in almost no time. This can be beneficial when you are doing host migration and want your website live in a shorter span of time. 

  • Caching

Cloud Hosting also offers features such as pre-integrated caching. These ensure that the loading time for your website is lightning-fast due to optimal caching configuration. You can also get Varnish caching feature which will boost the speed of your website. Alternatively known as HTTP reverse proxy, Varnish caching can speed up the delivery speed by 300-1000x.

  • On-Demand Scalability

Scalability is critical for most business, but that cannot mean that you make significant investments for the future. The service provider should, on the other hand, be able to expand or shrink your package to cater to the flow of traffic dictated by various factors like seasonal changes, a shift in customer preferences, marketing activities, etc. This is precisely what cloud hosting can provide. Think of your website on a shared server getting an avalanche of visitors in just a few days, like for instance, the Christmas sale or New Year Day sale. Potentially, the shared server would simply crash, and you could be left with missed opportunities. Cloud Hosting for your website is essentially elastic, adjusting itself to your precise needs.


Cloud Hosting certainly offers a lot of benefits over Shared and Dedicated Hosting services. While it may not be suitable for all website users, it is the best web hosting option for organisations that require scalability, performance, speed, and control at a competitive price.