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The Ultimate Marketing Tools for Your Book

It is always a joyful moment when a writer completes writing a book. To provide the successful marketing of a book, a writer should have an advertisement plan to make his book popular. But the joy might be short-lived if the writer finds out that his marketing tools are inadequate. In most cases, readers who have no established followers are likely to be disappointed because of lack of exposure. Nowadays there are very many authors, and this makes it necessary to use all the tools at your disposal to stand out. The major tools in marketing your book are indicated in this article.

The first important promotional tool is WordPress. To market your book successfully the author needs to have a website where he can build an online presence. Websites are vital when the author wants to interact with his readers and potential followers. WordPress comes in handy when an author is looking to develop a site. WordPress is an essential marketing tool for which the author can provide a sneak peek of the contents of the book to attract readers and where readers can comment on the book. Creating a website using WordPress does not require special skills like graphic design. There are templates for creating a website in WordPress, and all that is required is your information to fill them. For those who are not financially stable, there is also a platform for you in WordPress. The site also gives tutorials and information about their services.

The second tool you need is social media. Social press is an essential marketing tool for online marketing campaigns. There are several social media tools where authors can set up their presence including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and more. Social media platforms are easily manageable promotional tools. Holders of social media account for promotion have to engage their followers regularly and remain active on the sites. The author can also create an online community where he interacts with his satisfied readers and urges them to promote the book if they find it interesting.

To conclude, you need to create an Amazon account. Through Amazon, writers are given a platform to sell their books which is essential. Amazon is suitable for both new and established writers. Amazon deals with selling the physical book from their stores and even e-books of the same books.

Amazon is very efficient because it can be linked with other online marketing tools like Facebook which direct potential buyers to the site. Hence the author should ensure that his Amazon profile, book description, and reviews are optimal to attract more readers. There are articles and blogs which give more tips on setting up the best amazon account.