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Are You Ready To Produce Sick Beats With DubTurbo?
Sounds like a far-fetched dream right!
Who would have thought the day would come where you could go online and download an all in one solution to a fully blown recording studio.
I have been involved in the music industry for years. I remember working with 10 different software suites on gigantic computers with 20 different external hardware devices!
Back then the day of producing on the fly tracks from a wafer thin computer with no external hardware was alien!
Now it’s a reality! The newest and biggest craze to hit the urban and underground music scene is the DubTurbo beat making software.
This innovative new software has set a new standard among the entry-level studio solutions for budding musicians.
Now anyone can create sick beats using just their computer and the software (assuming your computer has at least got some standard speakers).
While I’m on that note, there will be one requirement with the software, and that’s that you’ll need some sort of speaker system in place. you’ll want to have an external sound system that you can run your computer through.
It may sound complicated but it really isn’t!
Apart from that DubTurbo has all the features built into it that any novice beat maker would need to get started. It’s amazing how everything is integrated to work with your computer!
The software even has a keyboard (a musical keyboard), which can then be controlled to play samples/ sounds at different notes from your computer’s keyboard.
The sequencer was really cool. This is where you’ll spend most of your creative time on DubTurbo compiling your tracks. Each channel also has its own master control (volume).
The drum machine (which was my favorite toy), was a little basic, but still had enough flexibility to keep you entertained for hours alone.
There are a huge number of features in the software, far too many mention to mention in one article!
Overall the DubTurbo 2 beat maker software is a great entry-level solution for anyone with a passion for music to get creative and bust out tracks from their own computer.